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  • La Scala Bridge1 Milan’s La Scala tradition of craftsmanship for the future 『budding』 First Gala Concert

La Scala Bridge1 Milan’s La Scala tradition of craftsmanship for the future 『budding』 First Gala Concert


The world’s most prestigious theater, La Scala in Milan.You can learn the secret of singing is talking, which he discovered through his long years of singing and education.You will be able to hear live bel canto singing that does not rely on the voice but on the sound.The pianist is also wonderful.Even if you don’t know much about classical music, you can suddenly become a classical music connoisseur by listening to the conductor’s classical commentary before the performance.

Maestro Silvestro’s Singing Aphorisms
As a singer, singing without knowing the body as an instrument is like driving a car or airplane without a license!
RECITAR CANTANDO ! ! ~To sing is to speak, to act.
Singing is acting, it is sharing feelings, it is an exchange with the audience! ‘
A special voice given for singing, unrelenting daily effort, charisma
Silvestro Sammaritano

The origin of opera is a storytelling or drama with music attached, so words, dialogues, and speech are inseparable from singing.Words” can give people the courage to live, heal broken hearts, and bring happiness.But that is only possible if there is “thought” in them.What is not thought cannot be conveyed! If there is no thought, it is just a voice or a sound.The person who taught us this important lesson was tenor Iwabuchi Yoshiaki, who will be performing today.Singers have a tendency to seek for a “loud/powerful voice” or “voice” first and foremost.
But that is a “material” element.That doesn’t make for a song that resonates and reaches people’s hearts…. In his on-screen talk, Maestro Silvestro says that a singer’s goal should be to sing a song in which he or she delivers his or her feelings to the audience and exchanges those feelings with the audience! I want to do that! That is what I want to aim for! We want to achieve this goal through friendly competition so that we can make it a reality!That is the path that Silvestro Music Academy is aiming for! All of today’s performers, photographers and other staff members are truly warm, kind and deeply caring people.And we want the audience to enjoy the concert! We want the audience to enjoy the concert to the fullest… These are people with wonderful personalities who spare no effort in this endeavor, and they are members who share our thoughts and feelings!

In addition, conductor Fumihiro Shimizu, who has also served as an instructor at the Agency for Cultural Affairs’ Opera Research Institute and the Metropolitan Opera, will provide easy-to-understand commentary on the music, allowing the audience to enjoy the songs even more.



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